How to Clean up Rope

How to Clean up Rope

Everyone has their own way of cleaning up rope after using it.

Here, I'll explain a way to clean up rope that you can use when transporting your own rope, or after you've borrowed rope from an S&M bar or similar places.

Just allowing people to watch you cleaning up rope properly should show them that you're experienced.

Of course, certain establishments have their own way of putting away rope, so please just use this as food for thought.

For information on how to care for rope normally, please look at the "Rope Care" section.

On this site, we start cleaning up rope from the rope head.

If you start from the tails, it makes you lose sight of the center, which means the rope can't immediately be used after being undone.

Method #1

Use this when you want to hang the rope on a wall.

This is especially convenient when hanging it on walls at bars and so on.

First, grab 20 to 30 cm of rope from the rope head, and hold it as demonstrated below. (There should be roughly a 40 cm gap between left and right.)

Bend your left hand and slip the rope between your middle finger and thumb.

Keep your left hand bent and move it back up. Make sure the rope is hooked around your thumb. (Wrap the rope around the bottom of it)

Next, grab the rope with your right thumb. (Wrap it around the top of your thumb.)

Repeat this until you wrap up all of the rope, then switch your left thumb with your left pointer finger and grip the rope as shown below.

Wrap the rope head around the bundle.

Start wrapping from the bottom and go up. (Wrap the rope around itself)

When you get down to about 30cm of rope left on the rope head side, pass the rope where you previously passed your left pointer finger through. (But not all the way.)

Then, pass the rope head through the hole you made, pull it tight, and you're finished.

Now you can use the rope head to hang the rope on a wall. This should be the center of the rope, which means you'll be able to use it immediately after undoing it.

Method #2

Use this method if you're in a hurry.

This may just look like I'm coiling it around and around, but it's a little different.

As you can see below, you need to let the rope head fall a bit and then pinch it with your left hand.

With your right hand, wrap the rope around your left elbow, then hook it around your thumb.

After hooking it around your thumb, wrap it around again, going back the way you came.

Hook it around your thumb again, then go back the way you came.

After wrapping it all, grab all the rope around your left elbow with your right pointer finger.

Let the rope in your left hand go, and as shown in the lower picture, the rope should fall in two halves.

Then, just like with Method #1, wrap the rope head around the rope.

Hang it on the wall, and you're done.

Method #3

Apparently, many famous kinbakushi use this method in porn films.

It's a very messy method, but I actually recommend this one.

Why? Because it doesn't tie the rope too tightly, which makes it harder for the rope to get warped.

First, fold the rope in half, and let a bit of extra rope hang off on the rope head side.

Then, fold it in two again.

Finally, gently tie it to finish.

The rope head side should be a bit longer, so you should immediately be able to spot it.

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