How to Bind Hair

How to Bind Hair

Apparently, some masochistic women also like the feeling of having their hair bound. However, if this isn't done properly, it can cause hair to get pulled out or other types of intense pain, so you must be careful.

Hair is soft and slips very easily, so you need to get used to handling it in order to bind it properly.

In this example, I used a thin, 4mm diameter rope, but 6mm will also work fine.

First, brush the hair while pulling it in a certain direction, or while thinking of which direction you want to pull it in.

(If you want it to stand up, then pull it up, if you want to bind it behind the head, then make sure you tie it behind.)

After getting a grasp on all the hair, wrap the rope around and then fasten it in a simple manner.

(Make sure you bind it tightly)

Then, continue wrapping around the rope toward the scalp, and keep the last part raised with your thumb so that you can create another knot.

(Wrap it tightly)

Slip the rope through the hole you made with your thumb and fasten it.

Then, fold the excess hair from the point where you started wrapping the initial rope, and wrap the next rope around it and the hair.

(Wrap it tightly as you go back up)

Once you get back to where you started, tie this rope to the rope head, and you're finished.

If you try pulling up, none of the rope should get undone, and it should pull up the entirety of the hair, which apparently feels very good.

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