How to Suspend Sideways

Sideways Suspension

Many people say this is the easiest method of suspension.

It's comparatively easier than other methods, and I myself do it a lot, but there are still some points you need to pay attention to, so I'll explain those as well.

First, ask your partner whether they'd rather have their left or right side be on the bottom. Different people prefer different directions, so you should match your method to their tastes.

The order is the same as horizontal suspension: chest, legs, waist.

First, pass the rope through the four ropes on the top and bottom of the chest rope.

Next, pinch out a gap between the loops around the upper and lower ropes, and then fasten them.

Use the photos to help you figure out where to pass the suspension rope through.

If you pass it through the rope around the arms, it may cause friction, so be careful.

Next, you'll move the rope in the direction that you want to suspend the body from. When you do this, make sure you use one hand (in the photo, I use my right hand) to hold the arm down while you use your other hand (in the photo, I use my left hand) to tug the suspension rope away from the body.

After this, fasten the suspension rope.

If you fasten it too high, you will be unable to raise the legs to the same height, so try to keep the chest rope slightly lower than the rest.

Then, raise the legs just in the same manner as described with horizontal suspension.

Raising the legs a bit higher than the chest will make the finished product look nicer.

Finally, it's time to suspend the waist.

(Make sure the waist rope is tight, or else it may slip off the pelvis.)

The waist should be raised high enough so that the backbone is horizontally straight.

If the waist is too low, it will put more pressure on the legs.

(Here, the waist is too low)

Also, if the waist is too high, it will put more pressure on the waist, which can cause pain, so be careful.

(The waist is too high)

If you raise the suspended one when their body is completely relaxed, their body will curve like a shrimp, which doesn't look very good.

The woman in the below picture is curved backwards like a shrimp.

You can do this with your hands, or apply rope to the back to curve it.

In this example, I applied rope to the knee of the bottom leg, but there are other methods which involve suspending from the ankle, or folding the leg before suspending.

Lower the body in opposite order from how you suspended it: waist, legs, chest.

Do not just leave the rope on the floor after you unravel it. (You could step on it or slip on it and cause an accident.)

(Leaving rope on the floor around your feet is dangerous)

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