Care for the Bound One

Folding Hands Behind

By allowing their hands to be tied from behind, the bound one puts everything into the hands of the one who is doing the binding. Please be careful of the following points.

  • The most important thing is voice any exhaustion you feel, no matter how little, as soon as you feel it.
  • Time is necessary to undo the orpe as well, so you need to voice it as soon as possible.
  • Fold your hands behind your back and relax your muscles.

    This is an example of hands that are badly folded.

    The arms are just sort of dangling.

    Make sure the insides of your wrists are facing inside toward one another, like in the picture. If rope gets applied directly to the insides of your wrists, it could cause numbness.

    This is an example of hands that are folded well.

    Look at the lower arm and see how the inner wrist is pointed upwards.


    A hunched back

    A hunched back doesn't just make the bondage look bad, it decreases the amount of restriction that you feel.

    Stick your chest out, but don't tense up your muscles.

    Sometimes, people who are getting bound for the first time may not know how to un-hunch their backs, so in those cases, the one doing the binding should help them straighten their backs.

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