How to Bind ( How to Handle Rope )

How to Handle Rope

Usually, folded rope is used in bondage.

The fold in the rope is called the rope head.

The ends are the rope tails.

When binding someone, you always start from the rope head.

Rope Handling

When tying, coiling, or passing rope through rope, you should always use your pointer finger to pull the rope through.

Please don't try to push the rope through from the other side.

Also, when pulling the rope, make sure you don't get your finger stuck on any of the strands. (Don't push your finger into the rope itself.)

(This hardly ever happens to rope with strong coils, but it often happens to rope with weak coils.)

If your finger gets stuck on one of the strands, it could upset the balance of the rope and cause it to become uneven.

Joining Rope

Usually three ropes are used for chest binding. I personally like to connect these ropes.

In most Japanese bondage, the ropes are connected with loops, but apparently there are a lot of cases in America where the ends of the ropes are never connected.

Joining Rope (have knots)

When there are knots on the ends of the rope tails, you merely need to slip a loop over top of them.

First, create a ring with the rope head of the new rope.

Next, slip the rope tails of the previous rope through the loop of the new rope.

Pull the loop of the new rope tight, and you're done.

Joining Rope (don't have knots)

You can still slip them through the loop of the new rope, but this time make sure you slip about 10cm through.

Then, you can tighten the new rope, but instead of only tightening it, turn over the end of the old rope and slip it through the loop (so that they become connected).

Pull the two ropes to tighten the knot, and you're done.

*Please make sure you make this knot very tight. If you go easy on it, it could become undone.

 This isn't a good knot to use for two ropes that have very different widths.

*Please don't tie rope to suspension rope.

Plus Kinks and Minus Kinks

A loop in the direction of the braids is called a plus kink. If you pull the rope with force when it's like this, it could break.

Usually, you should never see a plus kink happen, but please be careful.

Plus kinks are used to sever paper string by hand.

A minus kink is a loop that goes against the direction of the braids. These often happen to rope with weak braids, and makes it very easy for the rope to snap, so please be careful of these when doing suspension.

(These hardly ever happen to rope with strong braids.)

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